Introducing myself.

So here I am after a week spent thinking whether start a blog or not. The truth is, I have so many things to say and I feel like they should reach out. Writing is the best way for me to share my ideas, opinions, reviews about certains topics since I’m more the quite type who always watches and studies but never really stands out.
My name is Jessica and I’m a 18-year-old italian girl who moved to Germany on december 2011.
I love writing and I found myself thinking about letting the world know what I’ve learnt. I’m often asked to give out infos about my country or the country I’m now living in and so I came up with this idea. Why not open a Blog to talk about the differences between the two?
I have been thinking a lot about this because being an Italian, I often find myself asking ‘Why am I here, how do I even survive?’
I want to point out that my opinions and ideas are purely meant to let you people discover more about these two beautiful places and how different the life is and not to insult or discriminate anything.

I’m now sitting on a free access computer and I’m at school, if you can call it that, supposed to be doing tests and looking for a job. Truth is, I don’t want to find a job. I don’t know what I want. I’m one of those people who really haven’t got a clue of what they want to do with their lives. I don’t have a dream job. I speak Italian, German, English and some French but I seem to be still in great difficulty in finding anything that fits me right. I have a cousin who’s just like me, he’s travelling and working all over the world, trying to find his place and a little bit of himself in this giant globe. And I’m here, in this cold land trying to figure my life out.

I can’t even concentrate anymore. I read and I forget everything. I can’t think straight. I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life and I often lay in bed and cry my heart out. I’m not the only one and you, who are reading this and thinking ‘I understand you, I’m just the same’ – remember that one day we’ll have a happy ending.
I hope.

So this is a little bit of me – but I don’t want to annoy you any longer since you will get to know me by following my blog – if you will – so I guess that’s it.

See you soon!


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